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4GROUND - Cobbled Stone Roads Straight Sections - 15mm - 15R-TAO-301

4GROUND - Cobbled Stone Roads Straight Sections - 15mm - 15R-TAO-301

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- DESCRIPTION: This kit provides you with pre-cut 8 x 150mm by 54mm straight road mount card blanks, 1 x etched acetate straight cobblestone road template and 1 x 160mm pot of 4Ground base render. This will allow you to create 8 x 150mm by 54mm road sections with a cobblestone effect.  Please Note:- the 4Ground base render with this kit is much more than is required to make just these road sections and the etched acetate template with care should last for many, many more road sections, either used with our pre-cut mount card blanks or even on the cut up backs of cereal box carton (the pre-cut mount card is thicker and more durable than cereal carton).

As towns grew their dirt roads rutted, radome cobblestones were used to fill the ruts.  Eventually during the C18th and C19th random cobblestoned roads were replaced with true cobblestone paviours or ‘Belgian Sett paving’ -  squared off, hard and durable quarried stone set in courses across the road.

Sett cobblestone roads were much less susceptible to rutting and would not turn into mud due to rain or snow.  Such cobblestoned streets usually radiated from the more central areas of cities and towns where there were more affluent businesses, shops and households. During urban combat, with almost constant scenes of intense fighting to dislodge well hidden defenders, these changes in the roads and pavements would tell attackers that they were heading ever closer to the centre, success would be measured in paved streets rather than road miles.

15mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included.

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 3

1 x 15mm Scale Cobblestone Roads Straight Sections

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