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4GROUND- Four 1.5" Palisade Walls - 28S-FAR-129

4GROUND- Four 1.5" Palisade Walls - 28S-FAR-129

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28S-FAR-129 this is a “28Standard” 4Gground kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

The prey-beast sighed and wearily started plodding along the wall, easy pickings from this vantage point but that wouldn’t make for an
exciting hunt. A shadow slinked across the roof of the tower and down the inside wall. At the centre of the fort, three tents lay, lit by
candlelight from inside. This, it thought, would be a greater challenge. Adrenaline from the fight and the fear of the prey-beasts would make
the meal all the sweeter. Long limbs covered ground quickly as the Stalker picked it’s first victim.

These walls are common throughout the Teuden League and are made of stout wood from the surrounding forests. The rampart below the
walkway is filled with earth and stone to make it resistant to attacks from beasts and siege engines.

This kit contains:

Four 1.5" wall sections

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