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4Ground - Straight Palisade Wall With Stairs - 28S-FAR-120

4Ground - Straight Palisade Wall With Stairs - 28S-FAR-120

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Robert felt the warm blood running down his arm as his sword pierced through the chest of the Dragoul reaching over the ramparts. Dislodging it from the weapon with a crash with his shield he looked around taking in the scene at Fyrburgh Fort.  All along the walls men were fighting beasts as the horde that had poured out of Karpoth-Haim tried to drown the Fort in a wave of bodies.  The Dragoul seemed to use the bodies of their fallen brethren to allow them to escalade the walls in place of ladders.The next beast crested the ramparts and Robert brought his sword round in a crushing blow, the impact rang up his arm as his sword connected with an ancient blade and he saw the monster fully, a grin split the creatures lips as it forced him back...These walls are common throughout the Tueden League and are made of stout wood and the rampart below the walkway is filled with earth and stone to make it resistant to attacks from beasts and siege engines.  

This kit contains

1 straight 6" wall section.

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