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Baueda - Wickerwork gabions - GAB2

Baueda - Wickerwork gabions - GAB2


- DESCRIPTION: This pack include sixteen gabions which are highly detailed and accurately scaled reproductions of the real thing. Gabions were wicker round cages with open tops and bottoms, filled with earth or stones and used to quickly erect a fortification able to offer good protection from increasingly powerful firearms.The wickerwork cylinders were light and could be carried relatively conveniently or even assembled on the site of use in the field. They would always be put up to defend field artillery emplacements and were a fundamental part of any siege line or hastily fortified position. You can use them to create your own set-up or next to our own ACW1 infantry entrenchments or ACW2 artillery positions to create corners or curves in a continuous line of fortifications, as shown in this image.
Diameter is 7.5mm, average height is approxiamtely 12mm. Supplied unpainted. 


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