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Boardgame - Fantasy Flight - Twilight Imperium (third edition)

Boardgame - Fantasy Flight - Twilight Imperium (third edition)

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The game box is absolutely huge (bigger, to give you an idea, than that of "Heroquest" or "Axis & Allies"), made of extremely resistant cardboard. We see that FFG can now afford the best materials. The interior of the box, structured in three floors, is equally huge. Let's see them in detail. - Hexagons to compose the map, printed in color and larger than those of the previous editions. They are printed on a very, very resistant cardboard and in general they are really beautiful. - Plastic checkers. They represent the various units (the classic PDFs, Spacedocks, Ground units, Fighters, Cruisers, Dreadnoughts, Carriers, plus two new units, the Warsun and the Destroyers). Definitely another planet compared to those of past editions, although some could have been better. - Counters: the various pieces are made better, much more resistant and much more maneuverable than the previous editions. - Cards: the painful notes. Smaller than the norm, difficult to slide on each other, written in microscopic characters. With all the firepower fielded by the FFG, this could have been saved! - Rules: quite light colors even if with some flaws.


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