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Boardgames - Pochi Acri di Neve - Seconda Edizione

Boardgames - Pochi Acri di Neve - Seconda Edizione

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- DESCRIPTION: A Few Acres of Snow sees the light in 2011 as yet another fatigue of the prolific Martin Wallace, thanks to his Treefrog Games. For two challengers, dedicated to regular players, in a short time it climbs the rankings (it reaches about 60th place in the BGG ranking), wins the IGA as the best game for 2 players and is the subject of a prolific controversy over the bug that the plagues. The same Wallace, after several months of reflection, admits the problem and gives birth to a second edition with some small changes capable (in theory) of solving it.
Note: the Italian edition of the game, edited by Asterion Press, is precisely the second, therefore with updated regulation.


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