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De Agostini - British Vickers Wellington - WWII - 1:144

De Agostini - British Vickers Wellington - WWII - 1:144


- DESCRIPTION: The Vickers Wellington was a British twin-engined bomber, built in the late 1930s; widely used during the Second World War, it was built in over 11 000 specimens, characterized by the unusual geodesic structure, developed by the famous British engineer and inventor Barnes Wallis, which guaranteed the aircraft an exceptional strength, already experimented with the previous Vickers Wellesley.
Characterized by the internal code Type 271, the aircraft was initially called Crecy (from the place where a battle of the Hundred Years War took place). The definitive name was in honor of the first Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo. [2]
The aircraft was nicknamed Wimpy by the name of a cartoon character: J. Wellington Wimpy (simplified in Wimpy) was the original name of Poldo Sbaffini.

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