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Gangs of Rome - Blood on the aventine - 28mm

Gangs of Rome - Blood on the aventine - 28mm



This scenario box set for Gangs of Rome - Blood on the Aventine contains everything you need to play this innovative tabletop skirmish game.


  • 1x Gangs of Rome A4 Full Rulebook
  • Blood on the Aventine Scenario
  • 6x Single Piece Fighters
  • 6x Named Fighter Cards
  • 16x Equipment/Skill Coins and Cards featuring Four Unique Coins for this Scenario
  • 1x Gaul Watchman, Incola Card and Base
  • 1x Personal Influence Marker Card
  • 6x Activation Pebbles (3x 2 Different Colours)
  • 7x Roman Numeral Dice
  • 2x MDF Movement Rulers
  • 6x Jigsaw Base
  • 6x Sets of Flesh Tokens
  • 2x Sets of ID markers ( 1 - 3, Two Colours)
  • MDF Temple Under Construction Scenery by Sarissa Precision
  • 1x Objective Token

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