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Italeri - 6182 - 1944 Battle of Malinava Diorama - 1:72

Italeri - 6182 - 1944 Battle of Malinava Diorama - 1:72

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- DESCRIPTION: 1 x Barn, 2 x Soviet Isba, 2 x Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger 1E, German Infantry, T-34/85, JS-2 Stalin & Soviet Infantry There are a lot of clashes between armored vehicles that took place on the eastern front during the Second World War. Some of these, as the battle of the Kursk during Operation Citadel, saw the participation of an impressive number of tanks. However there is a famous skirmish entered in the Military History thanks to the tank commander Otto Carius's autobiography "Tiger in the mud". The book describes in detail the battle fought on July 22, 1944 close to the Malinava village between the Tigers of the Wehrmacht and the T-34 and JS-2 Soviet Tanks. Carius attacked the Soviet troops, already occupying the village, in order to recapture Malinava and to speed down the enemy advance to the West. The speed of German actions caught the Soviet tanks by surprise. In just half an hour Carius and his wingman Kerscher knocked out 17 enemy tanks, including the new heavy tank JS-2.



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