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Italeri - 3934 - Iveco E5 Hi-Way - 1:24

Italeri - 3934 - Iveco E5 Hi-Way - 1:24

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Iveco E5 Hi-Way "Abarth" Stralis Hi-Way distinguishes itself for a number of important technological and aesthetic differences when compared to the previous versions. The cabin has an updated design and is equipped with integrated electronic systems that optimise comfort on board and provide additional safety. The evolution of Stralis is also distinguished by a “powertrain" that minimises fuel consumption and reduces maintenance costs. In fact, the motor complies with the new anti-pollution parameters stipulated by Euro 5. In 2017, Iveco officially approved the supply of a Stralis Hi-Way with livery dedicated to the Abarth racing department in order to transfer cars under the brand name Scorpione between one race and another. To reinforce this partnership between the two brands, IVECO will manufacture a special limited edition of 124 models of HI-WAY with white livery and red and grey finishes, which are the traditional colours of the team.


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