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Italeri 6184 - Operation Silver Bayonet - 1:72

Italeri 6184 - Operation Silver Bayonet - 1:72

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- DESCRIPTION: The political-military escalation in the 1960s in Southeast Asia has generated one of the longest and most complex conflicts in recent history. The United States pledged alongside the South Vietnamese government against the regular troops of North Vietnam flanked by the Vietcong guerrillas of the National Liberation Front. The land clashes began in 1965 and ended only ten years later with the surrender of Saigon and the abandonment of the American soldiers of the last garrison. The long years of war, started with an aerial campaign of bombing on North Vietnam, saw clashes in difficult environments with vegetation that favored the guerrilla with the involvement of rural villages and the civilian population. The clear American military supremacy, characterized by the massive use of helicopters and armored vehicles, was canceled by the Vietcong tactics

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