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Rules - ACP164:The Almata Campaign Book - BP1704

Rules - ACP164:The Almata Campaign Book - BP1704

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- DESCRIPTION: Full colour, 98 page, softback A4 system agnostic campaign guide. The source book can be used with the ACP164 Miniatures game, the Albedo RPGs or any other Sci-Fi RPG such as Traveller, Gamma World, Space Opera etc..


  • Campaign Background
  • Notes on running campaign
  • Campaign scenarios split into three 'story arcs'
  • Force organisations
  • Scenario maps & layouts

This is a book of three parts. The first part introduces the Almata System and its inhabitants. The second part provides scenarios that will let you play a miniatures campaign with ACP164: Albedo Combat Patrol. Rather than a simple set of scenarios, it is intended to provide a relatively immersive game that can be played over an extended period, and then repeated with different results. The third part provides information on the military and other forces involved in the scenarios.

This campaign centres around the Almata System, which is located near the border of ConFed and ILR space and has become a focus for the attention of both sides, because of some interesting home-grown technology. Specifically, the Almatans have developed a ‘Beanstalk’ space elevator. This makes it economic to get resources from planet to space in quantity, with obvious advantages.

Both the ConFed and ILR have established a political presence on the main planet of Coteipi, as well as a very limited military force to guard their embassies and liaise with the local HomeGuard.

The focus for both sides is to gain control of the system and its technology. They will do this either by persuading the strictly neutral Almatan Government to side with their faction, or by military force, if necessary. For political reasons, this is unpalatable to the ConFed more than to the ILR.


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