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Anime e sangue II edizione - Asterion - @

Anime e sangue II edizione - Asterion - @

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- DESCRIPTION: Basic manual role play in Italian Second Edition There are entire worlds placed beyond the boundary of reality. Mysterious places inhabited by fairy beings or evil monsters. There are beings able to cross the border. Spirits in chains, prisoners of Magic Weapons, forced to serve the Supreme to regain freedom. They can manipulate the Colors of Magic, they can come back from death and take over the body of mortals, devour the Souls of their enemies and become powerful as Divinity! Anime and Blood contains everything you need to play with immortal Spirits, mighty Porters, Heroes with super powers, Pilots of gigantic Robots or brave Mortals. In this book you will find a role-playing game complete with rules, stories, magic, monsters, settings (including Steel Hearts and Dragon Scales!), Adventures and campaigns to start playing Beyond the Border of Reality! Anime and Blood transforms the Fantasy of the Real world into the Reality of the Fantastic World.


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