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Boardgame - Borodino - Battle of the Moskova 1812 (Richard Berg)

Boardgame - Borodino - Battle of the Moskova 1812 (Richard Berg)

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- AUTHOR: Richard Berg (2004)

- DESCRIPTION: Second volume in the Triumph & Glory series covers the classic battle of Borodino. "The brigade-level Orders of Battle include the latest research, some directly from Russia (The Wonders of The Net!), and we even give the French player an opportunity - fraught with danger, to be sure - to attempt to undertake Davout's suggested flanking maneuver. In addition to the full Borodino, the game also includes a nice, short, 'introductory' mini-battle, the Attack on the Schevardino Redoubt (which took place 2 days before the actual battle)." [From box.] 

SYSTEM: Triumph & Glory / Jours de Gloire Series (JDG) - scale = 297 m/hex; - time = 75 min/GT; - strength = 200 men/SP. 

COMPONENTS 420 full-color die-cut counters. One 22x34" full-color mapsheet One 10-sided die One 24-page Rule Book 2 Player Aid Cards

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