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Dragon - 7623 - M2A3 Bradley The M2A3 - 1:72

Dragon - 7623 - M2A3 Bradley The M2A3 - 1:72

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- DESCRIPTION: M2A3 Bradley The M2A3 is an upgraded version of Bradley which appeared in 2000. And the vehicle’s systems are now totally digitized, with improved fire control, target acquisition, navigation and situational awareness capabilities. Visually, the M2A3 is easily identifiable by its distinctive Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer (CITV) mounted on the right side of the turret.

All the unique features of the M2A3 are present on this fine new model from Dragon (e.g. CITV, additional armor, GPS antenna, EPLR antenna), creating an extremely accurate replica of the original vehicle. A number of opening parts such as the rear ramp and “doghouse" door provide modelers with extra options. The model also incorporates items like convenient DS tracks and refined photo-etched components for the ERA mounting frames. The M2A3 Bradley is the USA’s premier IFV for the 21st century, and with Dragon’s new release, modelers will be ready for action in any theater of war whether in Iraq or elsewhere around the world!

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