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Flames of War - FW103 - Festung Europa

Flames of War - FW103 - Festung Europa

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For Italy’s Honour
Per l’onore d’Italia
(motto of National Republican Army)
Post-1943 Italian Fascist forces for Flames of War

Intelligence Briefing for Italian RSI regular forces

Francesco Mioni’s series on the Esercito Nazionale Repubblicano (ENR) regular divisions concludes with an Intelligence Briefing covering the Monterosa, Littorio, San Marco, and Italia divisions.

You can field a Compagnia di Fanteria (Infantry Company), a Gruppo Esplorante (Reconnaissance Infantry Company) or a Compagnia Genio (Pioneer Company).

Once you decide which division you wish to base your force on just follow the company composition grey boxes as usual. However some divisions have certain platoons while others don’t. This is indicated by a shield with the division’s roman numeral inside on the right side of the platoon header.

I Monterosa Alpini
II Littorio Fucilieri
III San Marco Fanteria di Marina
IV Italia Bersaglieri


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