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Flames of War - FW210 - River of Heroes

Flames of War - FW210 - River of Heroes

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On 23 June 1944, the greatest offensive in Soviet history, Operation Bagration, began at the eastern border of Byelorussia near the city of Vitebsk. By the end of July, the final battles were being fought nearly 660 kilometres (410 miles) to the west at the line of the Vistula River on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland.

During those six weeks the Soviet Army had ripped a hole in the German lines nearly 1100 kilometres (685 miles) wide, completely annihilating Germany’s Armee gruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre) and putting half a million German soldiers out of the war.  In the final weeks of July 1944, the Soviet armoured spearheads reached the Vistula River and were threatening to overrun Poland and enter German territory. 


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