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Mein digitaler Start Leerkarton - HO - Marklin - 29850 - @

Mein digitaler Start Leerkarton - HO - Marklin - 29850 - @

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DESCRIPTION: Series 460 and Series 660 electric locomotives (Ae 6/6), 3 coaches for EW type rapid trains and 4 freight cars of the Swiss Federal Railways (FFS).
Locomotives with Digital Decoder, motorization with high-performance adjustment, switchable lighting and sound generator with multiple sound functions. A carriage for fast trains of each type, 1st class and 2nd class, and also 1 restaurant car. An open wagon, 1 wagon with stants, 1 tank wagon and 1 wagon for bulk goods. Train lengths 101.2cm and 84.9cm. 14 curved tracks 24130, 8 straight tracks 24188, 1 supply track 24088, 9 straight tracks 24172, 1 pair of curved switches 24671 and 24672. 60 VA transformer. Drive controller Digital Mobile Station. Illustrated movement brochure with numerous hints and suggestions. Possibility of extension with the C-track completion packs and with the whole range of the C tracks.

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