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Onslaught Miniatures - Hellborn Cult Destroyers - 6mm

Onslaught Miniatures - Hellborn Cult Destroyers - 6mm

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Mankind has just recently become aware of the ancient gods that reside at the center of their universe - inconceivable beings that gift those who worship them with other worldly power and an insight into existence that drives most mortals insane.

Hellborn Cults spend decades stockpiling weapons and ammunition in preparation for their eventual uprising.  When the time for open rebellion comes, heavy firearms are concentrated into dedicated fire-teams known as Hellborn Cult Destroyers.  These units focus on assaulting any military personnel sent to quell their uprising, utilizing weaponry that can go toe-to-toe with anything the planetary defense forces can muster.

A Hellborn Cult Destroyer Squad contains a random assortment of 25 6mm Hellborn Cult Destroyer models, 5 poses

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