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Razorback Shredders - 6mm - Onslaught Miniatures - TFARMRS - @

Razorback Shredders - 6mm - Onslaught Miniatures - TFARMRS - @

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The Razorback is easily the most prolific vehicle found in the Terran Federation Military, and is widely used across the galaxy.  The Razorback is relatively cheap and easy to mass produce, offers infantry a solid armored transport, and can be fitted with a multitude of weaponized turrets to provide fire support.  "Shredders" are Razorbacks that have been fitted with anti-infantry weaponry - the most common of which are dual Autocannons or Gatling Guns.

A Terran Federation - Razorback Shredder unit consists of 3 12x24x10mm Terran Razorback Miniatures.  Each model consists of 1 Chassis, optional Gatling Gun turret, and an optional Autocannon turret. 

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