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SAGA - Rules BP1347 - Northern Fury - Source book for Saga

SAGA - Rules BP1347 - Northern Fury - Source book for Saga

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- DESCRIPTION: "They came from the North spreading terror before them and leaving desolation in their path"
Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast Publications are proud to present the first supplement for SAGA!
Northern Fury will give you 4 new factions to lead into battle, and contains the Battleboards and rules needed to play these warbands. It also has new Heroes of Viking Age for these factions plus a specially designed multi player scenario which will allow you to form allegiances and vanquish your enemies.
The new factions in the Northern Fury supplement are:

- The Bretons - These warriors fought on horseback using javelins and hit and run tactics to disrupt their enemies before dealing that killer blow
The Jomsvikings - Pagan warriors who's wrath and ferocity was legendry, historians still argue about their existence, but now you can field them in your games
The Scots - Descendants of the Irish migrants established on the western coasts of Caledonia, the Scots whose spears invited death to all who came near
The Anglo-Saxons - Sons of Ælfred the Great, they were known for courage and tenacity in battle, the Vikings feared them and rightly so, at the Battle of Brunanburh the seeds of England were sown

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