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Ancient Celtic Warriors - 28mm - Hail Caesar - WGH-CE-01

Ancient Celtic Warriors - 28mm - Hail Caesar - WGH-CE-01

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The Celts were a proud warrior people who dominated much of Europe for a thousand years and dared to defy the might of Rome and her all-conquering armies.

Renowned for their ferocity in battle, what they lacked in drill or armour they made up for with determination and spirit. Fighting with sword, spear and javelin, they would hurl themselves at the enemy or die trying.

A Celtic army is one of history's greatest spectacles - a mass of brightly patterned clothing and tattoos charging headlong at their enemy, supported by speeding chariots, fast cavalry and missile troops armed with sling, bow and javelin.

Romans viewed Celts with a mixture of loathing, fear and awe. To them, Celts were savages, dangerous barbarians who, centuries before the first Emperor, had sacked Rome itself. They must be bought as mercenaries or destroyed in pitched battle!

The Legion may have been a near invincible fighting machine, but the Celts time and gain would prove to be the undoing of many of Rome's soldiers. Fighting for their tribe or for freedom, they proved a valorous and worthy adversary.

This boxed set contains 40 multi-part, hard plastic 28mm Celtic Warriors.

Comes with weapon options such as spear, sword and javelins and with great extras such as spare weapons, helmet icons and severed heads!

Also contains superb, full-colour self-adhesive shield stickers to bring your models to life!

Note: miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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